And the winner is... the Palatinate!

img Preisverleihung Bundesehrenpreis 2022 Weingut Graf von Weyher
Dear friends of good wine,
The Federal Honorary Award is the highest award that a food company can receive. It has been awarded annually by the Federal Ministry of Food & Agriculture since 1951. The results of the quality tests by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) form the basis.
A mixed jury of experienced connoisseurs tastes the wines and evaluates them according to a 5-point scheme. It's a real marathon, with over 1,000 wines submitted each year . During the tasting, the wines are anonymized by only being provided with numbers. There are various categories in which a wine, a winery, a sparkling wine producer or a winemaker can be nominated.
We at the Graf von Weyher winery have received several special awards in recent years , including second best young winemaker (Peter Graf), for our single-vineyard Rieslings, for our sustainability pioneer (Cabernet Blanc) and for the best collection matured in wooden barrels. But this year we are on the podium for the first time in the overall ranking and have received a bronze medal ! This makes us one of the 18 best wineries in Germany. Since it is one of the highest awards in the industry, we attended the award ceremony on October 25th together with all three »Counts«.
When the winners were announced, we were very happy - because this time the Palatinate (which is known to be close to our hearts) is at the top in Germany : The Bärenhof from Unstein / Palatinate received the gold medal. In addition to us, two other Palatinate wineries, with whom we are personally friends, received the bronze award: Our former trainee Lucas Ziegler from the August Ziegler winery in Maikammer and the Herrengut St. Martin , whose owner is Jürgen Graf's former roommate. The world is small... everyone knows each other in the Palatinate, and we are happy when the Palatinate wines receive more and more recognition (which they really deserve)!
We also have a special success to report in the individual categories, of which we are extremely proud: our premium wine »Pinot Blanc ripened in wood« achieved full marks and was chosen as one of the best in the competition with the » gold extra « award. This is extremely rare! This makes our Weißburgunder HOLZ one of the 10 best white wines in Germany. If you want to know what »gold extra« tastes like, you can order a few bottles of the winning wine here.
And then - as if it were a small thing - no fewer than 12 (!) of our wines received a gold medal. This is what a medal rain feels like! These are the winners awarded by the jury:
If that is not a reason to celebrate!
We wish you enjoyable hours trying the award winners!

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