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Thursday - Friday 16:00 - 21:00 o'clock
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Welcome to the winery

Graf von Weyher

with the Filipino-Canadian-Palatinate fusion cuisine
Kristine's Lamesa!

In contrast to blue blood, wine has been flowing through the veins of the Graf of Weyher for generations. The origin of viticulture can be traced back to 1788 , and the winery is still a family business today.

We are particularly proud of our four completely different types of rock here in the winery (because that is rare): coloured sandstone, granite, limestone and slate. This is where our often award-winning premium Riesling wines grow, which are strictly sorted according to soil... and you can taste it! (By the way, you can also see the differences in the rock with the naked eye during a guided tour.)

But as Jean Jaures said in 1910: "Tradition does not mean worshiping the ashes, but carrying the fire on." A look beyond the international horizon brings important inspiration and new know-how. We offer unconventional wine tastings, ship our wines europewide through our online shop and implement modern and ecological cultivation methods and the highest pressing standards. Today we are proud that the Graf von Weyher winery is known far beyond the borders of the Palatinate.

The icing on the cake is the Filipino-Canadian-Palatinate fusion cuisine , which we have been able to win for the winery since 2019 with Kristine's Lamesa. With her unusual but always delicious recipes, inspired by all over the world, Kristine shows that the Palatinate can do more than just sausage and Saumagen. Our insider tips: Tocino or, if you just want a snack, Poutine! (More about this in the menu.)
You can find the daily specials on the boards!

With this in mind: Welcome ! Lean back, let a delicious drop run down your throat in our cozy wine cellar, the rustic barn or the sunny wine garden and enjoy tradition paired with international inspiration.

Your Graf von Weyher and Kristine with their team

come by & enjoy

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