Palatinate forest huts

Pfälzer Waldhütten
Dear friends of good wine,
In the summer of 2022 we took over the management of two Palatinate forest huts ! The forest hut culture of the Palatinate is part of the UNESCO World Heritage because it is unique in its kind. Most of the almost 80 huts have been there for almost 100 years, because at that time thousands of kilometers of hiking trails were laid out in the Palatinate Forest. The forest huts have a special place in the cheerful hearts of the Palatinate, which is why we say: It is not the journey that is the goal, but the hut!
"Our" two huts are located near our winery and can actually only be reached on foot ...
Opening hours: Wednesday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m
Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m
The Schweizer Haus is only about a 20-minute walk from our winery, in the middle of the Palatinate Forest. This area is also known as the " Balcony of the Palatinate " because it offers a breathtaking panoramic view from the Odenwald to the Black Forest. Your physical well-being is well taken care of: the kitchen team at Kristine's Lamesa conjures up regional and seasonal dishes, paired with delicious wines from our winery.
The story and further background can be found here .
Particularly exciting: there is a starting point for paragliders just 10 minutes above the Schweizer Haus . There you can watch the paragliders take off.
Opening hours:
Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m
Just under an hour's walk from the winery is the idyllic forest hut Amicitia (Latin for friendship) with its characteristic green shutters. Here, too, the Kristine's Lamesa team takes care of the right Palatinate Forest hut food and of course there are also delicious wines from the Graf von Weyher winery. If you don't want to walk that far, you can use the hiking car park at the Nello Hütte on the L506. From there the hut is signposted (about 800 meters walk).
Further information and background information about the Amicita hut can be found here .
Our tip: There are many exciting trekking tours for mountain bikers throughout the Palatinate Forest.
We have come up with a wonderful circular route that offers a relaxed day tour for young and old.
Wine-Forest Hiking Circular Trail:
1. Start at the Glockenbrunnen hiking car park: 11.00 a.m
Park the car, lace up your hiking boots!
2. approx. 20 minutes hike to the Schweizer Haus,
relax here with a little brunch with a fantastic view.
3. Approx. 45 minutes hike to the next station, the Amicitia Hut - Seven Springs,
Here you can sip a cool glass of wine during your lunch break and nibble on a snack from Kristine's Lamesa.
4th tip: The tour can be extended as desired by making a detour to Meistersel Castle and the Ludwig Tower.
5. From the Amicitia hut it's a 60-minute return to the Graf von Weyher winegrower's café – here you can enjoy coffee and cake through to a hearty dinner with a fine single- vineyard Riesling
Or: Optionally experience a wine tasting together!
6. After a wonderful day of hiking, a 5-minute walk to the Glockenbrunnen hiking car park and a safe drive home (by the way, refreshing non-alcoholic alternatives are available for drivers at all three locations!)
The hike is slightly uphill, but does not require any special fitness.
So, dig out your hiking boots, take the weekend off and come to the beautiful Palatinate! The wine is already chilled and ready!
We are looking forward to all hikers !

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