Magical hours in the vineyard

Magische Stunden im Weinberg
Dear friends of good wine,
There are many highlights in the winemaking year, but one of the biggest is the annual vine blossom. Only when there are enough leaves on the vine and the so-called buds (the beginnings of the future grapes) are fully developed, then the hours of sunshine and, above all, the temperatures (constantly at least 15+ degrees for several days) are right, do the vines begin to bloom .
But how exactly does it work with the vine blossom? The vines are so-called self-pollinators. This means that, unlike other plants, they do not need insects (such as bees) to pollinate the flowers. As soon as all prerequisites (as already described above) are optimally given, the embryos (ie the still dormant or not yet born grapes) throw off their caps, open their anthers and fertilize themselves. A process that is like magic every year appears and fills the vineyards around our winery with a wonderfully sweet grape-blossom smell!
From now on we count exactly 100 days until the harvest begins! For us, this is one of the most exciting moments, because from here we can already see the first tendencies for the new vintage. But from now on we also have to take good care of our growing grapes: foliage work, plant protection, tillage and of course the weather form the basis for the new vintage.
Anyone who would like to experience this magical moment for themselves should now plan a hike through the vineyards and the Palatinate Forest.

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