2019 Saint Laurent dry

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premium wine
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Our finest red wine from a sun-kissed single vineyard, matured in barrique barrels, has won several awards. Bottled unfiltered for a more intense taste experience!

  • Grape variety: Saint Laurent
  • Residual sugar: 0.2 g/l
  • Acid: 5.8 g/l
  • Alcohol: 13.5 % vol.
  • Origin: Lagenwein Rhodt rose garden
  • Quality: Qualitätswein
  • Cultivation area: PFALZ
  • APN.: 50730532222
  • Bottle content: 0.75 liters
  • Gutsbottling
  • Allergen information: contains sulphites

- Best collection "aged in (barrique) barrels"
- Golden DLG prize awarded at the DLG - Federal Wine Awards.

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Our red wine selection is not (yet) as large as the white wine selection, but that will change in the coming decades. The changed climatic conditions ensure that red wine of exceptionally good quality can now also be pressed in the northern latitudes. We are adapting to this by gradually reforming our vineyards. We currently only grow red wine on just over 20% of our vineyards. Anyone who loves red wine should therefore keep an eye on us. In addition to our full-bodied gourmet wines Merlot and Pinot Noir we also have the wonderful premium wine Saint Laurent , which has been awarded by well-known wine critics!

Only selected wines mature in barrique barrels at our winery. With a height of 1.20m, a barrique barrel contains a whopping 225 liters of wine. It costs (empty!) between 800 and 3,800 euros, depending on which oak tree is used. You can choose between French, German, American or Canadian oak, and each provides a very different flavor. We use American oak, sometimes French too.

There are three reasons for storage in barrique barrels:

  1. It offers the possibility of micro-oxidation (ie a little oxygen goes through the wooden wall and thus reacts with the wine)
  2. The tannin in red wine (which causes the bitter taste) is "broken", making the taste of the wine softer and rounder
  3. Wonderful roasted aromas are created because the barrels are "toasted" (that's actually what it means!) before use. In the past, they were traditionally burned out over a fire, but today this can be done mechanically with an infrared lamp.

The casks can be used for 20 to 30 years until they no longer give off any flavor. In 2021, our Merlot was awarded the " Best Collection " by the DLG ( Deutsche Lebensmittel Gesellschaft ) along with four other barrique wines from our winery: 2019 Pinot Noir , 2019 Pinot Noir , 2020 Pinot Blanc and 2020 Chardonnay .

What wine experts say:

"Deep dark red with violet tinges; the fragrance reveals an exciting spiciness of herbs and pepper in combination with the fruity influences of cherry and plum; on the palate the spicy tannin structure is supported by a balanced acidity and fine fruit character; strong and long finish." DLG Federal Wine Awards, Frankfurt, 10/2021

"Dark carmine red with violet reflections; the nose presents an aroma of morello cherries, wild berries and currants paired with fine vanilla and roasted aromas; the complex tannin structure and the mild, harmonious acidity give the wine a full-bodied overall impression." DLG Federal Wine Awards , Frankfurt am Main, 08/2019

"In the nose pleasant play between cherry, clove and dark chocolate with hints of tobacco and cedar. Elegant in the mouth, but with a nice strong structure and present tannin. Pronounced roasted aromas paired with liquorice and hints of red pepper. Goes well with leg of lamb, rump steak with Fried potatoes and pepper sauce, strong cheese/parmesan..." Dr. Rolf Klein, experienced wine author and former editor-in-chief of the magazine "Weinwelt".


Vintage 2018

(AP No. 5073053 2221)

- Best collection "aged in (barrique) barrels" *

- Golden DLG award awarded and awarded by the DLG - Federal Wine Awards.

Vintage 2016

(AP No. 5073053 4018)

- Golden DLG prize and awarded by the DLG - Federal Wine Awards.

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Michael Barner

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Joachim Kraege

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Every single wine was and is something special and worth a full purchase for us!
We would like to thank the employees of the winery and the Count von Weyher [ ... ]

Alina Nonnenmacher

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The best wine in the Palatinate [...] an unforgettable wine tasting. A must for every white wine lover [ ... ]

Alexander Zupanc

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