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Buntsandstein Riesling dry

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Buntsandstein Riesling dry is one of our four premium vineyard wines. The sun-drenched south-west location combined with the sandy soil ensures its unique taste. Incidentally, the Buntsandstein Riesling has the lowest residual sweetness of our four vineyard wines (while the Granit Riesling has the highest sweetness at around 9 grams per liter). But if you can taste this difference, you can confidently get certified as a gourmet. No, the unmistakable taste actually comes from the rock. And because the wine stays on the natural lees longer than all other varieties, namely for several months. This explains the price difference, but even more important: It ensures a special maturity. In this way it becomes more closely meshed, denser and very harmonious in the sensory system. Sounds unbelievable? Just try. Because a melody cannot be explained in words. Awards: 91 points - excellent wine, among the best wines of the vintage. falstaff wine guide 2022 90 points in the international competition 'Best of Riesling' Golden chamber prize coin at the state awards for wine and sparkling wine awarded by the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture

  • Grape variety: Riesling
  • Residual sugar: 5.5 g/l
  • Acid: 8.7 g/l
  • Alcohol: 13.0 % vol.
  • Origin: Lagenwein Weyher Michelsberg
  • Quality: Qualitätswein
  • Cultivation area: PFALZ
  • APN.: 50730533323
  • Bottle content: 0.75 liters
  • Gutsabfüllung
  • Allergen information: contains sulphites

- ausgezeichneter Wein, unter den besten Weinen des Jahrgangs. falstaff Weinguide 2022
- 91 Punkte beim internationalen Wettbewerb 'Best of Riesling'
- Goldene Kammerpreismünze bei der Landesprämierung für Wein&Sekt ausgezeichnet von der Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinlandpfalz

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Only a small selection of our wines make it into the premium class . We like to call them cellar gold . But what makes them so special and what explains the price difference? Let's first take a look at the four Riesling wines that were able to conquer the premium title from Graf von Weyher .

Riesling premium wines
Riesling has been grown in Germany for over 600 years (you dare not even think about what it was like before!) and the Palatinate is the largest Riesling growing region in the world, so our specialty if you will. First of all, our premium Riesling is the same vine as the other wines. The grapes are also pressed in the same way. Same alcohol content (13%), all dry. So it's all just a marketing gimmick?
nope Because anyone who is familiar with wine knows that the vine and the processing are just two of the important elements that make a wine: Two other important factors are the location and yes, you can hardly believe it, the rock on which the vine grows ! Riesling is a grape that adapts very sensitively to its environment.
We at Graf von Weyher are quite proud to have four completely different types of rock in our comparatively small area (because that is rare!): red sandstone , granite , limestone marl and slate . Incidentally, the differences in the rock can be seen with the naked eye. So be sure to come to our winery here in the beautiful Palatinate at the next opportunity and take a guided tour!
But back to the differences: the vines have to adapt to the soil and that has a direct effect on the taste. Buntsandstein eg contains a lot of sand and many minerals, so it stores more water. That's pretty relaxed for the grapevine in dry summers, especially when compared to the hard granite or multi-layered slate.
The granite, on the other hand, which incidentally is really rare in Germany, has another advantage: it heats up a lot in direct sunlight and thus stores the natural heat for a longer period of time ... which can be pretty nice for the vine on cold spring nights!
It is relatively easy to understand that the location affects the taste : the more sun, the sweeter the wine. Our lime marl and red sandstone slopes face south-west , ie they get ten to eleven hours of sunshine in summer (and the southern Palatinate is one of the sunniest regions in Germany, so there's something going on!). Our slate and granite slopes, on the other hand, face south and bathe in the sun for a maximum of 8 hours in summer.
For our premium wines, we harvest each variant separately and process them with particular care. By the way, you can really taste the differences (and not only for real wine connoisseurs!). Try it out and find out which is your personal favorite Riesling. You can find more details about the cellar gold under the respective wines.

- Lime marl Riesling dry

- Granite Riesling dry

- Slate Riesling dry

What wine experts say:

"The scent contains aromas of orange candy, Mirabelle plum compote, warm bricks. The palate is robust, medium-weight in body with some phenolics and present tactile minerality. End of substance and dry, very pointed." falstaff wine guide 2022

"Apple, verbena and apricot on the nose, lime zest, some cumin and aniseed. Appears relaxed on the palate, well built stature, mature acidity, balanced and balanced, fine spice and mineral notes lining the back palate. Clear profile." falstaff wine guide 2021

"Clear, fruity nose with notes of citrus, lime peel, apricot and floral notes. Citrus also opens on the palate, juicy and balanced with mature acidity, compact structure, fine mineral background, elegant and stylish." falstaff wine guide 2020

"Fresh and finely fruity on the nose. Citrus and peach aroma, paired with apricots and floral scent. Strong, still slightly playful, profound with a beautiful, very mineral acidity. Pleasant acidity - residual sweetness plays on the tongue. Compact and complex, with a long, round finish. A wine with many facets..." Dr. Rolf Klein, experienced wine author and former editor-in-chief of the magazine "Weinwelt".


Year 2019: ( AP.Nr. 5073053 4521 )

91 points - excellent wine, among the best wines of the vintage. falstaff wine guide 2022

Year 2018: ( AP.Nr. 5073053 9920 )

91 points - excellent wine, among the best wines of the vintage. falstaff wine guide 2021

Year 2017: ( AP.Nr. 5073053 03716 )

91 points - excellent wine, among the best wines of the vintage. falstaff wine guide 2020

Year 2015: ( AP.Nr. 5073053 03716 )

90 points in the international competition ' Best of Riesling '

Golden chamber prize coin at the state awards for wine and sparkling wine awarded by the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture


0.75 liters

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