Sternstunden: Highest award for our wines!

Sternstunden: Höchste Auszeichnung für unsere Weine!
Dear friends of good wine,
as a winemaker, you work towards a single highlight of the year more than in many other professions:
The moment when the new wine is tasted for the first time .
This is the moment of truth! That is the moment when it becomes clear whether all the planning, the effort, the sweat, the knowledge that has been brought in, the willingness to experiment and the little bit of luck have worked out, whether the result exceeds expectations . And when it is, the feeling is indescribable! It is an inner radiance that permeates everything and makes the heart light.
And then there is a second moment that evokes a similar feeling of happiness:
When your own wines are awarded by a renowned jury .
We have just experienced such a great moment, and not just once, no, even for seven (!) of our innovative wines !
drum roll!
The DLG Federal Wine Awards
awarded our wines:
Best Collection 2021
Category "matured in (barrique) barrels dry"
Gold Prize Extra 2021
Gold Prize Extra 2021
We are incredibly proud of these awards and would like to tell you a little more about the exciting background that led to this result!
The story of our five (barrique) barrel wines
Two white wines, three red wines , all partially matured in barriques. And all excellent!
But how did it even come about?
A good winemaker must be willing to experiment, because small changes can have major consequences for the taste. We, the "Junior Counts" Peter and Jürgen, are therefore regularly inspired by worldwide travel. One day we found out that the tradition of storing wine in barrique barrels is not widespread in Germany and especially for white wine. In the US and Australia, for example, it's very different. That got us thinking... and then we acted: For months we tinkered and tried things out in our Palatinate cellars. Today we are proud to offer two premium white wines that are unique in their kind in Germany: Half of them are stored in barrique barrels, while the other half matures in stainless steel. This not only gives our barrique wines a unique balance, but also an unmistakable oak note. Since the barrels are flamed from the inside, our Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay are characterized by a delicate roasted aroma.
For this, both white wines received the golden DLG prize in 2018 , and now the new vintages AND the entire collection, i.e. our three red wines as well, have been awarded!
The red wines from the Palatinate are benefiting from climate change: More intense sunshine and less precipitation ensure southern conditions ... and that has a direct effect on the aroma of the dark grapes!
Incidentally, we combine the barrique barrels with particular attention every year, because such a barrel conveys a different aroma, depending on how old it is. It is therefore crucial whether the wine matures in a new barrel or in one that is already one, two, three... years old...
A special tip: All barrique wines are characterized by a low acidity. So if you don't want to do without a good glass of wine despite heartburn, you should stick to our barrique varieties!
More exciting information about our other two award-winning wines, the Cabernet blanc and the Chardonnay (non-oak aged) can be found here:
More about the DLG Federal Wine Awards
The DLG Federal Wine Awards have been held once a year since 1951. It is the only official wine award at federal level. Only wines or sparkling wines that have previously been successful in a regional wine award and an official test can qualify for the DLG federal wine award.
The award is considered a trend barometer for current taste trends and the quality level of German winemakers. Several thousand wines and sparkling wines from all German growing areas are independently and neutrally evaluated according to international quality standards and provided with an expert report.
The award for the <<Best Collection>> is eagerly awaited every year, because the choice in one of the five categories (white, red, barrique, noble sweet and fine wine sparkling wine) is a recognition of the highest quality, of which a winemaker can be extremely proud . More information about this here .

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