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We have put together a Riesling site comparison package for beginners for you: 2021 Buntsandstein Riesling dry 2021 Granite Riesling dry 2021 Kalkgermgel Riesling dry 2021 Schiefer Riesling dry 2021 Riesling Kabinett 2020 Riesling Sekt dry including terroir explanation brochure.

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  • Residual sugar: g/l
  • Acid: g/l
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  • Cultivation area: PFALZ
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  • Bottle content: 0.75 liters
  • Allergen information: contains sulphites
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We have put together a Riesling site comparison package for beginners for you:

-2021 Buntsandstein Riesling dry

-2021 Granite Riesling dry

-2021 Lime soil Riesling dry

-2021 Slate Riesling dry

-2021 Riesling Cabinet

-2020 Riesling sparkling wine dry

In addition, we pack our brand new brochures, which explain the concept of terroir wines in detail.

Unlike most white wines, Riesling is excellent at aging; even over decades, the extract and the fruity acidity develop positively and reinforce the character of the terroir, its origin, so to speak: the Riesling vine has an extremely sensitive reaction to its environment, and by that we actually mean the rock on which the vineyard rests. Because even if all other parameters (grape variety, aging, alcohol content, etc.) are identical, the wines taste completely different, depending on the soil and rock they grew on.

At the Graf von Weyher winery, Riesling accounts for a whopping 25% of the area under cultivation. Particularly unusual (and we're a little proud of that): we have four (!) different types of rock in this relatively small area, and that's rare! Slate, red sandstone, lime marl and granite. In this way, we can also grow four different terroir wines (or vineyard wines). We've explained the concept of terroir wines in detail (and entertainingly) in a brand new brochure.

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[...] The Cabernet blanc does not emulate classic varieties, but results in something completely unique - and offers carefree drinking pleasure in every respect. Brave and right decision!


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Delicious wines and a very good schnapps, the way back to Rhodt didn't quite conform to the rules, fortunately without a car! We will definitely be back! [ ... ]


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Very, very tasty and good wines [...] In my opinion, the dry Riesling and the red wine cuvée are particularly recommended. [ ... ]

Pauline Pax

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The wines are excellent and the service is friendly and uncomplicated [...] Can only be recommended [ ... ]

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The best wine in the Palatinate [...] an unforgettable wine tasting. A must for every white wine lover [ ... ]

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