high turners

    Once upon a time there were two boys from the Palatinate who went to school together and dreamed of grapes. But it didn't stop at dreaming: both Otmar Graf (link to history) and Volker Spiegel turned their dreams into reality. Otmar Graf, today senior manager at the Graf von Weyher winery, concentrated entirely on his Palatinate wines. His friend Volker Spiegel, on the other hand, specialized in distilling high-proof schnapps in a wide variety of flavors, because you can conjure up an amazing number of different products based on the grapes. The old friendship remained and was expanded into a business relationship, so that today eight very different strong twisters are delivered in small barrels from the distillery to the winery and bottled there. The production process is similar: the fruits (mirabelle plums, Golden Delicious apples or Williams Christ pears) are first mashed so that they develop their aroma before they are carefully heated in the cauldron and filled into oak barrels as distillate.
    With Gewürztraminer, the skin of the pressed grapes (the so-called pomace) is mixed with water to extract the last sweeteners before the pomace is fermented and then distilled.
    Patience is required for brandy XO because, like brandy, it rests in oak barrels for ten years before it is enjoyed.
    The herb trepel is popularly known as medicine trepel because it has cleared up one or the other stomach with its more than 50 herbs when it was a bit overdone.
    Well, and then we are left with the strongest and the weakest spinners:
    With 42% alcohol, the Dunnerwetter deserves its name. It is distilled using the yeasts that remain in the other production processes. This makes it a real upcycling product that has it all.
    The vineyard peach is the lovely counterpart to dunner weather. It is a liqueur, sweeter than schnapps and with its 18% alcohol at the lowest end of the high-spinning scale.
    A friendship that bears such fruit is precious!